Health Coach

Health Coach

Thursday, April 30, 2015

How is your health?

How has your health been, are you doing what you can to stay healthy? 
How is your diet or exercise level, are you drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep? Maybe you don't have the proper support system?
The fact is from the time your born to the time you die your health should be the most important thing you do for your self. If your healthy on the inside it will always radiate to the outside, altering your mood and personality and how you feel about your self. YOU NEED TO LOVE YOUR SELF and we all need to start some where and every aspect of your life will improve. 
"One Simple Change" baby steps to a healthier you, starting one healthy thing for 30 days can become a habit. Eating those veggies, drinking more water, taking that evening stroll, so many things you can do, you just need to make that choice to do it.

So where will you start, what choices are you going to make?

After 3 miscarriages and overall difficulty getting pregnant, & severe muscle fatigue its time to take a close look at my health. High blood pressure, overweight & a non functioning thyroid (Hypothyroidism)  which had its own side effects.  With the loss of my only son to Cancer and all the other personal issues my health was going down hill, so slow changes were made with healthier choices which led to me getting pregnant, getting blood pressure controlled yes by meds, along with my thyroid back to proper levels.  As of right now I am getting weaned off my BP meds...YAY

Choices I have made
*Increased my workout to 5 days
*Increased my water consumption
*In general making those healthier food choices
*and yes taking my JP & complete
Changes I have seen
*Increased energy
*NO more muscle fatigue
*Clarity, better concentration, no more afternoon cloud  :o)
*lower BP
*No headaches
*Minimal to no joint pain
*Weight loss

My healthy choices makes it easier to keep up with my now 2 year old, helps me function throughout the day, helps me set new goals to achieve and overall makes me feel better about my self!

Do you want a great support system, great ideas on how to become healthier and looking at all the options.
I invite you to come join us, event page:

Here's to a healthier you!

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