Health Coach

Health Coach

Monday, September 14, 2015

Do you ever have a strong WHY? Why something might motivate you? I Do!! Its my precious Jacob who lost his battle with cancer.
If I could only help one child or adult by just sharing, that is what makes me happy.
I did not have Juice Plus when Jacob was battling his cancer.

I have seen & experienced the loss of a child from cancer. 
Where do you turn? What is safe to help your child, loved one or friend get through chemo treatments, steroid side effects even after a transplant and PREVENTION after cancer? What can help restore your counts, balance out blood levels, repair DNA Yes DNA! Repairs tissue. Helps control Blood Pressure & cholesterol. Can help with Kidney & Liver function.
Juice Plus does not have a supplement Label, its a food label - NON-GMO, Gluten free, Dairy free, simply Fruit, Veggies & Berries
You will never go wrong with proper, whole food nutrition. Use the power of food to heal your body and prevention.
I share because I care & I have been there

We also have over 30 published studies to back up our product

All you have to is ask me how @