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Health Coach

Monday, April 13, 2015

Healthy weight loss - Day 30

Defiantly out of my comfort zone, I really don't like to post full bodied pictures of my self, I would just prefer to hide from the camera.  It's amazing when you actually see your self, I mean really look, I am rather embarrassed.
I have been doing so well on the Transform 30 I needed to share (more like asked to share) Maybe sharing will even help me on this journey. Well my pictures are embarrassing, so yes I will prove to my self I can loose the weight and get healthy while doing so.

Let me first share my inspiration photo  :o) WOO HOO flashback and its not even Thursday LOL
Ok, Yes I was 26 yrs & before kids

March 4th I decided I really needed to put my foot down and really think about my own health, including my weight. I started Juice Plus + Transform 30. I really liked the fact this is a whole food based product, no added preservatives, nothing artificial. Just simply fruits and vegetables! 

Ok here it is, Day 1 to Day 30
         Day 1    to    18 days in

March 4th to April 2nd

 So 10 lbs lost, makes me feel good that I am going in the right direction, feeling good inside and out with plenty of energy.
Join me, together we can transform  :o)

Here's to a healthy you!

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