Health Coach

Health Coach

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Show me the science

Really, if you think about it, how many supplements out there have Clinical Research with published medical & scientific journals and the clinical research in on going. Show me the science is a important question to ask.

How many of those supplements have research studies that have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world?

One item that I do not consider a supplement but whole food nutrition with a nutrition label, Juice Plus + that I also suggest to my clients.

You can't go wrong with fruits, veggies & berries (real food), safe enough for pregnant & breast feeding mommies, safe for babies. Juice Plus a company that puts kids health at high importance, yes kids eat for free!! 4 years of age to college age gets theirs for free up to 4 years with every adult order.

IMAGINE................................ if you could protect and repair your or your babies DNA??  Helps with Heart health & inflammation, helps support cancer patients.  Its is so possible with whole food nutrition witch is why Juice Plus+ help you in your health journey. Heal your body from the inside out.

CLINICAL RESEARCH, more than 30 research studies

Feel free to read: more than 20 prestigious medical and scientific journals have published studies on Juice Plus+

TOWER GARDENS a great way to support a healthy lifestyle   :o)

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