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Health Coach

Friday, January 15, 2016

You Are What You... See?

What do you see when you look around your kitchen? 

A Recent study from Mayo Clinic found that what you have VISIBLE
in your kitchen affects your health. For example:
1. Seeing fresh fruit on the counter = better health
2. Seeing boxes of breakfast cereal, candy, or baked goods on 
the counter = poorer health
3. Having one cupboard where "snack items" can be hidden away 
out of sight = better health
4. Having soda in view in the refrigerator = poorer health
It makes sense, doesn't it? We are drawn to consume what is within 
closest reach and in front of our eyes on an ongoing basis. Take an 
assessment of your kitchen and remove or hide those items that 
would decrease your health, and make other healthier items more 
Here's another thought along the same lines; what types of 
commercials, Facebook ads, or magazine advertisements cross your 
eyes every day?  If you are constantly viewing advertisements for 
baked goods, treats & sweets, it makes sense that you would be 
drawn to eat those items because they are in the forefront of your 
It might even be helpful to unfollowing Facebook pages that 
constantly show videos and recipes for unhealthy foods, switching 
the channel during television commercials about unhealthy foods 
or restaurants, and buying magazines that put photos of healthy 
foods in front of your eyes.
Read the full article from Mayo Clinic HERE.

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